Monday, April 20, 2009

Now what?!..

Hiya folks (ladies and gentlemen :))

what now ya.. last time (couple months back) my cam broke down. Since then my updates getting pretty slow.. abes pamacam mo updates.. nda dpt sya gambar gambar bah.. tinguu seja..zzz

then about weeks back, my one and only beloved laptop broke down - to the core! 1st was devastating virus attack, reformatted, then suddenly krekk krekk krekk krekk... tuutttttttt the Hard Disk was dead!

I bring to the IT shops but none willing/able to fix or nor even to recover the data...

Worst of it ~ I haven't backup my documents; photos, videos, songs, everythinggg in my laptop for the last 2 years!! .... unbelievable!

so.. now what?!.. life goes on lorr :P

I got plenty of sharing to makes actually, my garden, sports, outdoors, party, etc.. etc.. many happening of good and very interesting things! Well, apa bulih buat lah kan ^.^

For the time being, I'll be facebooking every now and then.