Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Till it happend in your heart, it isn't Christmas.

Lyrics | Disney - Christmas lyrics


Wishing the world and everyone,
a very Merry Christmas!

May God blesses you more.

From: The Dusun Aroma family - Val, Clare, Caca and Memel
/muacks /muacks* :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuhau - Hot appetizer from the rainforest of Borneo!

(Originally posted on my new blog)

Is this mouth-watering enuff for you?

dammm, it is for me :) !!

I'm sharing my tuhau with everyone!

If you love food, I think you should check it out :)


Heyyy yehieeyeh.. aramaitie!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Something mouth-watering is coming soon :)


la la la la la la....

Heyyyyyy.. yehieyeh.. Aramaitie....!!

alalalala haus ooooo

la la la la la la la....




Stay tune... :)

la la la la la la....


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lets relax and unwind

I'm having a back pain today, I look at my small garden the grass are getting their way.. but I'm just tired lah. So I just want to relax and unwind... these photos helped me :)

I love tennis!

Latest BBQ accessories ^.^ must have!

Proof of global warning -.-"

how to make angry pple smile :)

Hun, lemme explain! (not my case ahh haha)

O.O are u sure??!!

Not my sex life -.-"

How was your cereal this morning? ^.^

Tattoo of the year o.0

It's going to be real HURT!! >.<

Privacy pls...-.-"

Bad spelling but it works! :)

This is how to say 'sorry' effectively! :)

This is how 'sad' is look like :(

Great ideas! ^.^

A very SEXY PUSSY!!! :P

& the last one:

erm.. not in my case ahh -.-"

ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!

Happy Sunday pples :)



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time stand still in your photo. The Dusun Aroma continues...

Here goes! a continuation from my previous post here, here and here :).
These photos are taken using old Yashica SLR.

Somehow, it feels strangely good when looking on old photos
regardless of the photo quality and composition.

It is definitely true that through time people and things changes.
My sense of appreciation enrich every time I browse old memories.

These are my nephews and nieces
(and this is just a fraction of them, I got at least 50 of them!
Gosh.. hardly can remember all of their names :)


~Mary Anne~
A go getter girl, until today

I hope I'm right ^.^ hardly can remember all her siblings too

Use to be generous with her beautiful smile...

'Abang' to all of them

yes, he still pose like this nowadays.. but much more handsome :)

and he loves posing for the camera.

Lovely girl,
sadly she lost her voice due to a terrible accidents while she was a kid.

God bless you Rose.

simply lovable!

From left -> rigth
Aaron, Joe, Rose, Goldie, Mary Ann, Darlene and Inai
Except for the old lady (my aunt0, the resat are my nephews and nieces.

Last but not least, mum and her friend (Julita)
Having a glass of 'tinogoi' (light rice wine) during a rest after harvesting ground peanut.

...with that, I can go to work now...
Good day people! :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a waste!


/Sigh -.-

/extremely frustrated

streamyx di rumah langsung nda jalan bah.. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
what is the use of paying every month to them uhhh..??
sia - sia masa ujung minggu sya, nasip ada tu lalang diblakang rumah
tempat sya melepas tension ^.^

/tension! kecewa...



This is for you streamyx.....zzzzzzzz

photo source:

bukan sya nda pernah komplen...... huh!


(mintaa mahap kepada para pembacha
kalu tersingghung dengan kentensionan sya ^.^)

Friday, December 5, 2008

PhotoSnippets: Kiulu River


It's Friday again! and many will be doing 'thank God it's Friday' with big smiley face.

Well, it is certainly no wrong to thank God because it's Friday, but the fact is most people thank God because it's Friday because it is Friday the last day of the weekdays and Saturday and Sunday is a weekend and it's a no working day.

So, many thank God it's Friday because the next day is not a working day, and not because they really want to thank God it's just another day.

lets continue the 'Thank God it's Friday', yes! and lets thank Him too for every other day we have because no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

Wishing everyone another blessed weekend.
Moga panjang umur.. jumpa lagi minggu depan bah! hati-hati di jalanraya ya :)

p/s: for those joining RGP at D-junction, see you there guys! cheers. peluk

Guideline Notes:
Perhaps one of the most beautiful unpolluted river in Sabah, is the Kiulu river. It is located about 60 KM (approx. 50-60 minutes drive) from Kota Kinabalu. Named Kiulu river accord to the small Kiulu Town where it runs by.

Already well known to white water enthusiast where the river classified as I - II grade river for white water rafting experience. It is most suitable for beginners or for those who prefer to enjoy the scenery more rather than having an adrenalin pumping rafting activity such as in Padas river, Tenom.

However, kiulu river is not advisable for rafting during heavy rain due to high risk of sudden flood and existence of many trappy rock formations.

As for me, it is more on the authentic valley village view and the refreshing river that attract me most to visit this place. Well, the people are welcoming and friendly too.

You may notice the hanging bridge crossing the river with some villagers on it. That in fact, is the only available access facility to the village.

Feel free to comments. Constructive comments are highly welcome!


Cari 10 perbezaan!

Bah ini cubaan sya mencari 10 perbezaan dari gambar si Sumpitan!

nda tau lah butul kah enda... melolot mata sia mencari kekeke nerd

perbezaan yang kesepuluh adalah dari segi contrast gambar. Gambar kedua nampak lebih terang berbanding gambar satu kekee butul kah pit??? hahaha

bah cubaan aja ini, kalau nda mengena sumpit sia omm nanti sia kasi tutud ni gambar kekekee .. nda bah.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Duhh Tagged!! ^.^

What is the rules of being tagged? bulih escape kah?

iieee tapi mcm ok juga bah kan... antam sejalah hehe. Since my frenza tagged me, here goes nothing...... ^.^

The Instruction:

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW! - (so, I just snapped my self using my 1.2 mp hp camera -.-")

2. Don't change ur clothes - Ok
3. Post that picture with No editing - Ok!!! grrrrr
4. Post these instruction with your picture - Ok, naaaaa
5. Tag 10 people to do this.. - I'm new in blogg so.. bingung ni mencari ieieiee

well,.. guess which one is me?? ^.^



and..the next 10 people I choose are... jeng jeng jeng!
(most of them are my newfriend in blog community, so kalau dorang nda layan tag sia.. apa bulih buat lah kan .. :P)

1. Budak Hutan
2. Si Greg
3. Amy ^.^
4. MarkieKadusVille :P
5. The paymos PapaJoneh :)
6. my darling "."
7. Sumpitannnn
8. Mr. Bosing
9. Welzan Saimon
10. last but not least si BoBBy From Tambunan!

ok people, bila sinang-sinang mempost dan mentaga lah kamurang ahh ...:)

Bah, ngam lai tu!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Worry my ass!?

Have you been worrying a lot lately??

Morning worry, afternoon worry, evening worry, night worry, tomorrow worry again.. huh!!


Most of us worry too much on 'what others might think' on what we do, what we wear, what we watch and etc.. etc..

I personally think the word 'worry' on what others think should be change to 'care' on what others might think.

'Care on what others might think' means we are aware of the responsible and accountability, means we are matured when taking the choice. While 'worry' give a so-bad picture about what might happen, it does not reflect maturity but carries negative aroma.

The cousin of 'worry' is 'afraid', and afraid of what might and what will, is endemic in the society today.

Pampered in the comfort zone for too long, the society are unwilling to take risk to jump to the other side. It is strangely difficult to sit in front row when we are used to sit at the back or middle row (the comfort zone) - in church, meetings, forums etc.

People are afraid of critics and comments as well as afraid of giving out comments and critics. We usually hear the 'no comment' or even worse the 'silent protest' from the audience. It's somehow uncomfortable to voice out, so they stay quite.



People are afraid of how they look. They read the 'beauty magazine' to get tips on how to look beautiful and end up feeling ugly. The magazine tells them that blonde hair is a yes and white or black hair is a no. Aren't we all beautiful in our own ways?.

China's most respected Teacher, Confucius quotes "Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it" how true..

The UNCONVENTIONAL WORLD RECORDS nominated that this person is the ugliest person on earth...

But, that is only from his/her view. To some, that might be different (and we are not sure if there's a photoshop work in the photo, right?) - no offense to btw.

Even if you looks damm beautiful to others, some will just say they had enough of you.

except for the one in red, talk about how many of those two being dumb ^.^

The fact is what ever we do, there will always be some who will disagree or hate it.

We do the right thing - people still complaint
We do the wrong thing - people also complaint.


Be a matured good citizen - lets just do the right thing and leave the complaint alone.

Even God is full of love and still many disagree with God.

I like to end this sharing with a twisted story of
'The Pastor's Ass'

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again.

The local paper read:

The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the
pastor not to enter the donkey in another race.

The next day, the local paper headline read:

This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent.

The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline
the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN.

The bishop fainted.

He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so
she sold it to a farmer for $10.

The next day the paper read:

This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back
the donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild.

The next day the headlines read:

The bishop was buried the next day.


Being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and
misery even shorten your life!

So friends, be yourself and enjoy life!

Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and you'll be a lot happier and live longer! Have a good happy Monday!

Yeah! Thanks God it's Monday!


Feel free to comments. Constructive comments are highly welcome!