Monday, November 3, 2008

The Dusun Aroma II

Here are some more photos form my old albums. All this photos are taken before digital camera age.

All Photos are copyrighted. Feel free to contact me if you want to use/reproduce any or part of the photos. Thank you.

1. This photo was taken during 'Kaamatan' Festival which means Harvest Festivals. Kaamatan is one of the grandest and oldest cultural and traditional celebration in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo).
In this photo was a simple Kaamatan at church level. Notice well the traditional costume worn by some in this photos. My wife is actually one of them.

The grandest of Kaamatan is the State level which is celebrated on 30 - 31st of May yearly. During the celebration 150-200K peoples stormed at Hongkod Koisaan in Penampang to witness and participate many events, competition, contest, food fiesta, singing and dancing etc. The main event will be the Beauty Queen contest. More history and information on Kaamatan can be found in the net.

2. 2nd photo is another shot of my mother harvesting the ground peanut. While ground peanut takes longer time to reap, the Dusun's usually will plant along different fast growing veggies and fruits such as cucumber, tomatoes, etc. and maize - as seen in the photos. The produce form the ground peanut trial planting was not bounty, hence the field was used to cultivate the normal paddy on the following years.

3. A very old photo (and comes in a very small size about 2 x 2 inch). I collected this photo from old family album. This is a photo of a wedding celebration (however, this is few days after the real wedding night celebrations. This is what the people use to term it as Second Round :P)
In the fore ground you can see at least 1 jar with bamboo straw and a person is sipping it. That is the famous local rice wine brewed by the Dusun. It is called Tapai. Notice as well the bamboo floor/wall. What a joyous day.

4. This is a picture of myself plucking and preparing the paddy seedlings before transferring it to the muddy paddy field. At the background is my sister in-law Emma. This process is carried out during early in the morning to avoid higher mortality rate of the seedlings.

5. Last but not least for this post. Authentic local barbecue of whole pig. This I must say was among the best barbecue I ever tested. It was for my farewell celebration before I took off to continue my study in UPM Selangor. Kids on the background are my nieces and nephews. I remember well the barbecue took about 5 hours to get done and the results was fantastic!. Soft juicy, no single hair or hair's root left on the skin. All fall off after a very long slow barbecuing process. Yummmy!!!!

That's all for now. Cheers!


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  1. HhAhAHaHahAHha its have those memories relived again... thanks uncle for the pics... especiall the Ratu Bapok... am gonna kill you for that.. hahahah no la just kidding... its really priceless... as in no amount of money can change that... anyway... keep up the good work... its worth it!

  2. The last picture of BBQ lembu-kaki-pendek is my favourite......after BBQ the skin make soup......drink it piping hot with tuhau.......terus potong semua steam from excessive consumption of liheng, the tajaued killer drink and sepuloh-empat imported canned beer.................aramaiti..yam seng....!!!!! sure wud like to sink my teeth into the succullent roasted daging.

  3. Pusing punya pusing, ternampak itu gambar BBQ satu ekor! MMg power laini gaman... fav ni! gagaga

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