Friday, October 31, 2008

The Dusun Aroma

I like to put up some photos that resembles a fraction of the Dusun - my race, my people.

For those who have no Idea what is Dusun all about, you may read more info about it here.

So here goes my photos.

( ALL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED. Please contact me in advance if you want to have any or part of the photos. Thank you.)

1. A photo of my mother and her friends and grandchild. They were harvesting ground peanut ~ a trial planting to replace the normally paddy fields. Mother was the one with sirung on the far left.

2. My sister and her child. They were at my Aunt (Innai) to help her with some farming. She grows Nanas (sweet pineapple).

3. Mangasok activity. The 1st step in Paddy planting. Basically a process of growing paddy seedlings before planting it in the actual paddy field. From the pictures , you can understand the simple process.

4. The original traditional house of the Dusun. All made of wood and bamboos. No nails, just rattans to tie each parts. I took this picture when I was 18 years old (1st time holding a camera). Now the house has been replace by modernisation. I miss this house a lot. The green in the foreground is actually the grown paddy seedlings.


Till then. Cheers!

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  1. Wah... Interesting posts... I Lyke!! I grow up with those environment... guminayo hilo kampung boh.. hehehe tapi kami inda sanggup bili kamira bah dulu2, teda tu gambar 'antik' di Humah Padi or Karanahan (sawah).. 1st sampai 4th pictures sungguh cantik!! ko masi simpan kamera yang kamu pakai utk captured 3rd & 4th Picture ka?

  2. Hello, found you blog while i was blog hopping, you got a really interesting collection of old photos here. Very nice, especially picture no.4, where was that taken by the way?
    anyway..nice blog :)

  3. Kuai, I guess it was good for us at that time bah, sebab my sis. ada beli SLR yaschica yang dulu2 tue.. so disenalah kami snap here and there. The cam still masih ada di simpan, tapi dia pnya fokus ada lari sikitt sudah hehe

    Hi Nora, I'll join u in flckr :) I noe u have nice collection too:D

  4. Hi there... enjoy reading your blog.. Rindu sa mo blk Tambunan juga ni.. Lama suda tia buat aktiviti tanam2 padi...


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