Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Dusun Aroma - Kids!!!

Kids and 'kid's times' is one of the precious things in life - but often taken for granted. I remember when I was a little kid, I always want to grow up fast. I'm curios about the 'things that the elders do' and I want to do it. But now I'm 32 (tua butul kah nie? inda juga bah kan .. :) wish I can be kids again, especially when I browse through my nieces and nephews pictures. It looks so awesome! no problems and everything is fun including crying :D. So for these 'round' and perhaps for the next few rounds, I like to dedicate it to all the kids, parents with kids and those who miss those days.

Btw, I'm in no means to portray that getting older is not a nice things. We are growing and we should be enjoying that (especially to ladies :P) - but least not forget to make full use of our kids' time. For those with kids, have a quality time with them, the moment will come too soon that kids are no longer kids, no matter what.

Alrite, lets roll!

1. On the foreground from left to right - Nun, Bibie, meimei and lady. All the kids now are in their 20s.

2. Among my favorite! it was taken during a family picnic at Tikolod, Tambunan. From left - right Ciddy, Bonnie, Roy, Meimei, Lady and Rudy who was looking to his left water-shooting someone else. Family picnic was always our weekend agenda.

3. Hehehe they will be mad at me if they find this. It was Christmas in 1996 or 1997, and as a new varieties to the yearly celebration - family organize a little competition. The girls compete for beauty Queen and the boys compete for Ratu Pondan - what else :P.
From right to left Junior (the winner), Roy, Bonnie and N'Rule. All of them are now in their diploma and degree studies. Mother is seen on the far left, can't help but laughing. Oh boys..

4. Another interesting shots of children with some elders :D. Another family trip to Tikolod Tambunan. Tikolod then was our favourite spot for picnic as the river's formation is more safer and most of the time it is clear. However, in this pic. the water looks brackish - perhaps it rains heavily a day before. From left - right Liza with Ciddy, Aaron, (2 boys cannot be identified - blocked), Bedah (lady with black-whit stripe shirt), Dear (kids with black shirt), Roy, (another un-identified boy and girl, Rose (girl on red shirt), Aymon, Marryane or Bibie (not sure :P), and **** (I don't know remember her name :P), and last one Darlene or Nora (they look similar *.*). On the background most probably my bro. Idus with daughter tubing.

5. Last photo for this post. Lots of smiley faces of the kids with styles. They don't do all those funky moves now even if you beg them. From left - right Nun was looking at Rudy (shouting), Bonnie while giving 'peace', Dear (blue shirt) smiling handsomely, N'rule with innocent smile, Junior (red shirt), Roy also giving 'peace' sign, Meimei looking seriously, Bibie smiling and giving another peace and last one Lady (in red).

That's all for now.
Cheers folks!

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  1. love to do children photography, nowadays with the help of digital camera, one can really enjoy capturing, composing... :)

  2. Done - as requested, you are added in the Sabahan Bloggers List.

    I love children pictures too... more more :D


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