Monday, November 10, 2008

My Film review : Lust and Caution N-17 rating!

United States/China, 2007
Running Length: 2:37
MPAA Classification: NC-17 (Explicit sex, nudity, violence)

Cast: Tang Wei, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Joan Chen, Wang Lee-Hom
Director: Ang Lee
Screenplay: James Schamus, Wang Hui-Ling, based on the story by Eileen Chang

Last night (8th Nov 08) I watched Lust and Caution after successfully downloading it for 3 days non-stop. The film is banned in many countries including China and Malaysia hence downloading it via torrent is the only possible way (btw, I use bitChe and bit torrent for my movie/film download).

I downloaded the film after reading the review about it. Some give 3 stars some reach 4.5 stars ^.^

I consider my self as a big movie/film fan. In fact my dream initially was to become a movie producer (but apakan daya, keluarga nda merestui.. ). I can watch 6 movies in a row simultaneously-no-rest, but of course must be a good movie lah, and I'm open to all genre. Genre is not important to me. I value the storyline and how well the actor and actresses play their roles. However, I truly love movies and films that can give a strong impact to its audiences, where not only the message crossed to them but the exact feeling and the total different 'world' portrayed in the movie are felt and creates temporarily to long lasting behavioral changes to the audiences. I'm talking about movies like The Godfather, Exorcist I & II, The train, Schindler's List, It's a Beautiful Life, Antara Dua Darjat and etc., just to name a few. I'm a collector of controversial movies too, got plenty of that must-have collection ^.^

Anyway, lets back to Lust and Caution. I think the story line was very dramatic and intense. After watching it, I was very satisfied with the quality and equally very disturbed and (little) depressed as it ends. The Director, Ang Lee have proven again his ability to plant the desired impact to the audience effectively. I am equally stunned with the daring actor, lead by Hong Kong heart throb Tony Leung and the impressive lead actress a new comer named Tang Wei. Tony Leung is of course an experienced actor but I didn't quite expect that Tony will be that 'explicit in details'. It was their gruesome+acrobatically+long intense love making scene that makes China and many countries.. decided to banned the movie (beside the assassination plot in the story line).

I think the intense explicit scene was necessary to provide significant weight of the 'sacrifices' endured by the lead actress. How bad it is to allow someone that you really hate-to-the-extreme, to 'enjoy' your body as his likes, and pretend that you really want it too. If she play as a hooker roles it will be totally difference and much easily to be accepted. But, we are looking at a decent girl who have easily and honestly sacrificed her 'womanhood' physically and mentally - again and again and again (I actually thought that she really 'sacrificed it' in her real life for this debut movie :P).

What really 'moved my heart' was that - after all the sacrifices she delivered, at the end she is the one who failed the whole assassination plot on the very last second. (I was thinking.. this is it, and suddenly..... auch!). It puts you in a 'stress painful disappointment but to no choice' situation.

Later, I got a little carried away by it and had a difficult sleep.. and that's my hint for a very good movie/film. For that I would recommend it to all (just remember it's a N-17 rating, so certainly not for youngsters and children and might not suit those 'traditional conservative' minds too :P.

Ok, that's my personal review on the film. Actually I feel a bit funny too, prior to this I watched Tropic Thunder and Bangkok Dangerous (after a strong recommendation from my friends), to me it was okay lah.. sorry folk but I was quite disappointed with TT and BD :P.

Till then guys. Cheers!!

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