Monday, November 10, 2008

"Learn mistakes form others, we can't live long enuff to do it all by ourselves"

Such a strong and essential tips especially to those whose life had just 'begun'. Many people says that - man's life begins at 30.. some says 40.. some says 50. so I think as soon as the person reach maturity as a person (attitude & thinking) not by age - he/she should be handling his/her life with extra careful - after all life is so fragile - we can't be 'too careful'. To make sure we can handle our things and life much much better - we need to learn more lesson from everyday life.

Few months back I went to the cemetery in my kampung to pay a short visits to my father's grave - then I went around to see some other new graves I noticed. There were numbers of names on the grave that shocks me - they were my friends whom I still feel their presences and I can still picture their smiles and jokes, but they are actually 'no longer existed' . Then I recalled most of them (if not all) died of accidents and health problems (cancers). My father passed away due to cancer too - colon cancer. Life is so fragile - I learned lessons from their life story.

What attracted me to blog about this title isn't really because of that went-to-the-grave experience, but it was somehow related in a bigger picture. Actually I want to make a topic that everyone can share their 'mistakes' so that everyone can learn and get improvised generally.

If the word 'mistakes' sounds too bad or the experience is just too embarrassing to be shared - try to just produce the 'lesson learned' or the 'tips' so that others (or at least myself) would gain the benefit. I think people will appreciates that a lot. After all that's what the wise says;

"learn mistakes form others, we can't live long enuff to do it all by ourselves".

and furthemore;

"Lessons are repeated until it's learned"

I just hope that any sharing here are originals - it is easy to find nice "I've learned this and that's... copy pasted from the net.." (that is welcome too but please re-word it :P), but original stories / tips would be most welcome.

I'll kick off sharing (all sharing from comments will be incorporated in this post bearing your tag. & will be updated regularly)

Lesson 1 (By DA)
(Happened to me a while ago) When you planed to re-finance your car or to buy your spouse car (ini biasa orang laki-bini buat untuk dapatkan extra cash). Do it 1 month or few weeks before expiry dates of the car's road-tax. This is true specially when dealing with family car where the main point is just to get some cash n not to really sell away the car. By this you will be able to save from paying extra cash for the insurance purposes, because a new car owners MUST buy a new different insurance. Jadi jangan kena double payment for insurance. In my case I have just renew my road-tax last months and this week I plan to re-finance my car - akhirnya I have to pay a new insurance coverage again (walhal baru last month sia renew road-tax and insurance - bengong). So avoid it.

Some extra consideration - if that car has some 'bruises' and 'scars' here and there, just sent your car to 'accident' and then send for touch-up or fix anything broken/not functioning, UNDER insurance coverage (mcmana mo buat tu pandai-pandailah :P). You are actually optimizing your insurance. Because once change ownership, the car will have a new insurance and you will have to pay the premium without any discount. So when you plan to re-finance a car, make sure you really re-NEW the car :D.

Lesson 2 (By DA - added on 7 Nov 08)
I remember my only digital camera................ which is now R.I.P :(
It happen after I sent it to the Service Center for minor fix, but instead of repairing it 'they make it a major blow!' It was my only Sony Cybershot. I send to Sony service center in Damai, they sent it to K.L, and when it back to Sabah, it's dead!. I query and complaint - they sent it back to K.L, and later K.L told me to pay RM 600 to fix it.. zzzzzzz they blow it (and they don't want to admit it) and now I have to pay for it.. waaa =/

Since I can't afford it (sebab kalau RM 600, bagus lagi beli baru..), they don't want to fix it! At the end I lost the cam. Wherever I go now, I only have my eyes to capture the images... sob sob sob.. /sigh

Becareful when sending your things (especially electronics) for fix, make sure you show to the counter 'what really working and what not'. Sometimes they might end screw-up and don't want to admit it. Better still bring along a witness and let him/her sign any documents as well. Kalau mau lagi bagus, kamu bergambar-gambar lagilah sana dalam tu center for more proof :P.

Haiya I seriously need a digi cam now....

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