Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time stand still in your photo. The Dusun Aroma continues...

Here goes! a continuation from my previous post here, here and here :).
These photos are taken using old Yashica SLR.

Somehow, it feels strangely good when looking on old photos
regardless of the photo quality and composition.

It is definitely true that through time people and things changes.
My sense of appreciation enrich every time I browse old memories.

These are my nephews and nieces
(and this is just a fraction of them, I got at least 50 of them!
Gosh.. hardly can remember all of their names :)


~Mary Anne~
A go getter girl, until today

I hope I'm right ^.^ hardly can remember all her siblings too

Use to be generous with her beautiful smile...

'Abang' to all of them

yes, he still pose like this nowadays.. but much more handsome :)

and he loves posing for the camera.

Lovely girl,
sadly she lost her voice due to a terrible accidents while she was a kid.

God bless you Rose.

simply lovable!

From left -> rigth
Aaron, Joe, Rose, Goldie, Mary Ann, Darlene and Inai
Except for the old lady (my aunt0, the resat are my nephews and nieces.

Last but not least, mum and her friend (Julita)
Having a glass of 'tinogoi' (light rice wine) during a rest after harvesting ground peanut.

...with that, I can go to work now...
Good day people! :)



  1. Nice photo shoots!

    Mary Anne ada iras2 si Fara Fauzana (DJ HotFM) :)

  2. great pictures hun! :) love those potraits.. :) hehe.. nice one! :) keep it up!

  3. Rose's pic is the one I love most. That serene are good at taking photos, mine? give me a 10mps camera also the photo still look bad...I guess I need to learn some few skills...uhuhuhuhuhuh =.=

  4. Looking at old pics never failed to bring back the memories...:)

  5. hahaha... ko membuatkan sa mau2 scan suma gambar lamaaa... hehehe..

    your nieces semua lovely and pure.. ^_^

  6. Kuai; bah, pi lah scan gambar gambar lama.. its worth ti! tau.

    Angelbear: I think I agree with you too Angel, especially that I know what really happened to her.

    Beck, Mama mia: glad you like it :)

  7. eh.. forgot to inform you guys, most of these photos above are taken by my sis bah. I love the photo so much that I make a copies to my self.

    uhm, she doesn't have blog.

  8. Bro i love the part where si Mary Anne ka tu yang sempat lagi put her hand out showing the "Rock" sign


  9. Nice pics man! And look at all those bokeh in the pics! Me likey!

  10. I love classical look,it warms my heart ;) very nice DA.

  11. Greg: yakan, si Goldie pnya tangan I think tau hehe

    JACQ: Agree :)

    Mell: Glad you like it Mell. I'm sure it does to me too :D

  12. wah, nice one.. :) gmbr yg mencantikkan yg biasa... i owez wanted to capture sumthin that people dun think beautiful and i make it beautiful.. :)

  13. good Kris, every subject must be given a fair look, even a simple one such as a leaf or a stone kalau mendapat background dan cahaya yang sesuai, mantap jua :)

  14. I love the last photos.. miss with my memory at kampong before.. I do mitatabang with somebody elso at my kampong and off course the 'tinogooi' would be our best for the satisfaction.. hehe .. thanks for the post bro..

  15. bah topinai pirut, buli jauga bah tu kita mitatabang sini KK.. ada juga sia order tu lihing no. 1 tambunan, kasi pusas sama tuhau.. adusss.. hehe

  16. Nice potriats....Bule tahan juga ko ambil gambar ni... KEEP IT UP my friend !!

  17. hi brudder - I sure miss the aramaiti with your mum and her oldie goldies. Remember the aramaiti session in your brother's house during my 2003 trip? When the soup bowl was passed around with everyone sharing the same spoon I was like "between the devil and the deep blue sea". ...... I took the gamble, scooped up the crunchy meat and gulped it down.... and voila!!! ....betul betul sedap. That night I shamelessly consumed all the other food served, like a prisoner just got out from Kajang prison......the tuhau was excellent - I have never tasted anything so mysteriously delicious. It was a great night - very high, very pissed, kepala pusing ------.... but fantastic.


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