Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't make love without Internet??

Last nite I can't sleep, well actually I have Insomnia since I started to think rapidly at night. But last nite was terrible.. because I CAN'T connect to the internet!!!

I don't know, maybe it's my modem or my line problem. I ever complaint about it to Telekom (as it frequently happened) but whatever they do and they say (if any).... it always come back to square one. zzzzz

This is really de-motivating disheartening.

..ohh they also told me that my area 'mimang tidak bagus punya tempat, slalu ada masalah line..' ^.^

At first I don't buy it, but been facing the issues again and again for almost 2 years now, I began to believe it O.O '..yah, tempat sya mimang tidak bagus line tu..' -.-

Anybody else living in Taman Kepayan Phase 2 or adjacent? Do you have the same issues? difficulty or unable to connect to the internet or even if connected the line keeps on dropping every 2-3 minutes (very unstable).. /sigh

/flash back..

zzzz now without internet, life is like.. uhh incomplete. Walhal dulu-dulu teda internet tapi ok juga kan? but, dulu lain sekarang lain bah.. ermm betul juga kan.. ^.^

I believe many of us are now pretty dependent to the internet. Beside the main surfing, downloading and communicating now socialising via internet, we are also paying electric bills-loan-c.card due-etc via the net.

We can also shop (and it's quite special when you shop online - you'll receive things in a box, it has the element of surprise :)), we can also transfer money, pay road tax, find potential lovers or part time lovers or no love but suka-suka seja *.0, and etc etc..

For many the internet is literally part of life and it feels terrible not to be able to get connected when you really want it, agree?

I know pretty numbers of people who doesn't have internet facility in their home but they are so up-to-date with their 'net life'. Most of them are the youngsters and small numbers of adult. They are what I term as 'Cyber bugs'.

Just like the normal natural bug, these evolved cyber bugs will also search for the 'flowers and fruits' and when they come around they bring many aromas.. some of them have acceptable smells and others with pretty weird smells.. few are totally unacceptable!! they make other cyber bugs fly away... (I have had a cybercafe, so I know what its like "-.-)

They have similarity with us (home/office internet user), their life is incomplete without going to the cybercafe at least once a day. I mean.. Really! they are like 'high on internet-drug'.

Well I mean most of the youngsters cyber user and not ALL cyber user. Fact is thousands of people interneting from cybercafe for various reason but they are not like the 'cyber bug' as I claimed.

I too patronize the cyber sometime when I have no other choice to go online. However, I try to avoid doing business from cyber as mush as possible. There is this insecure feeling when using public PC, even in the office.

A friend of mine recently send me an alert about using public or office PC. He claims that there are devices that were planted in those PC which will records everything you do and type on the particular PC. He send me this photo as one of those device. You tell me, is this TRUE?? I thought it was just an adapter for mouse or keyboard?

Besides I think there are endless spying/recording software out there that can be abused to collect personal information from internet users. The I.T technology is so vast and the probability of what it will be in future is infinity. One way or another there will be some tech-geeks producing another super uber bot, spyware, hackerware, invisible crawlers, viruses etc etc.

Thus, I think nobody is really internet safe.

But I'm a small time lecturer. Ain't got any particulars interesting enuff for others to desperately to know.... rite? Well, I have a pretty wife.. but that just about it lah.. so I think I should be fine.

erm.. do you think my Boss is desperate to know what I'm doing with my PC in the office? especially when I starred unanimously blinkless to the screen with my half-smiled :P

He might have plant something to check his staff right.. then he'd probably be reading this too "-.-

Alright then, I better go back to work now! :P

Ohh, sorry about the title.. its...... I don't know what to do with it *.*

bah, Peace!


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  1. Ya ba..its true people nowadays are predominantly using the internet for so many things. Just one click and everything can be done just sitting at home. Hehe~ but this make us lazy, i guess..haha..

  2. betul tu welz, but do we have a better choice? can we change the system?

    erm.. if working on our PC for 12-16 hrs a day - would that mean we r lazy..?

    susah juga mo ckp kn ;p

  3. well, I can't live without internet. That's part of my job. Nway, good sharing.

  4. Bro, the title bah, very interesting, but seriously TM Net sux

    they boast in their adverts they can offer so many package but the reality is they connection sux big time.

    I'm not sure whether to switch to Celcom broadband, but i heard the services also not good, not sure about jaring, may be i should check eh..

  5. internet addiction kah ni? hehe.. relax ko boss.. relax.. cool.. hehe. well, I am almost or maybe pre-addict into this internet but there is always realizing..sumtime, this always make me forgot of what I have to do most. :)but, when I am back to kg,.. internet always must be the one that I miss so much! haha..


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