Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quality time

/wink /wink

Ahh.. I long to share more of my photo,
but things got a little busy lately :P

So I love to kick off my sharing today with this few selected photo.

Any idea where this photo taken? I'm sure you do :)
It's from the top of a little hill in Kipungit
(the hill besides Kepayan ridge / tanjung aru).

I use to scale this hill to sweat away...
and many times I get more then just burning my fat.
Enjoying sunset bath from the hill is one of the best
way to revitalize my self.

Witnessing how many planes takes off and landed
can be quite interesting.. especially when you have your
mp3 player with you :)

The picture's quality is a bit of disappointment -.-".
But you have to live with that when DSLR
is still hanging in your dream.

Not just the breathtaking view, the natures around
can be an interesting subject if you are keen to observe.

Photo was taken with old T5 cybershot model.
(too bad my only cybershot is now R.I.P sob.. sob.. sob..)

So it was weekend.

One of a thing that I have set to as a must do everyday in my life
is to spend quality time with my family.
I have set it in my outlook and synchronize with my smart phone.

Everyday at certain time my hp will remind me about it.
Well, there are times I just have to press 'dismiss' it
when I really occupied. But as long as it's in my to-do-list, there are
pretty goodchance I will do it :)

How did you spend your quality times with your loves one?

Eating together at home is one thing I really really love to do!

This is my little family.
We were enjoying our Saturday breakfast together.
A very simple breakfast I prepared - fried noodle
with 2 large size hot dog and lots of sliced tomatoes,

and we eat it with plain rice :).
Consider that my kampung style!

I won't lie to you, hot steam rice mixed with fried noodle is really good.
I love the combined texture. And if you notice, we've got
a freshly made sambal tuhau - that simply made the breakfast
5 times delicious! :D

But kids.. even how good the food are,
biscuits and crackers is still winning their innocent heart -.-"

Before anything.. the tuhau was almost cleared ^.^
(err wifey, me still snapping here.. and that's our last tuhau ok please...)

Breakfast with family at home.. and having Hain Jasli karaoke
song accompanying.. that's quality time :).

It's weekend, so karaoke right after breakfast?? :p

and enjoying every bit of moment watching your kids activity,
that's quality time :)

I finished my dish last..
(darling, do we still have beer in the freeze?.... please :P).
Too bad no more beer -.-"

Later I play with some dirts and in my little garden (this is my new passion :)).
Together with my 3 yrs old Danisa, we have successfully plant
few bitter gourd (which will be harvested very soon now :)),
some hot chillies, ginger, tomatoes, lemon grass, lime, papaya
and 'Kundur'? @ tonsomon wangi.

Gardening realy hooked me :)
it almost as good as watching my baby grows everyday,
except when the time comes I will harvest and cook
my veggies :P

I haven't share about my new pet rite?
I'm sharing my family's love with lots of worms, yeah worrmmss.
They help me to deal with my kitchen's left over.. and they are very effective ^.^

Best towww piara cacingggg :)

Will be sharing more about my 'garden project' in near future.

Wish you had a great weekend too and.......

Happy Monday!!!! peoples :D


  1. yay... ya really nice.. oh my, miss my old place kopungit..huahua.... i want to have my own family someday .. nice to know that u have a blessed and happy family there :) happy monday

  2. u live in kompungit?, i got lot relative (my mom side) there. anyway, nice pic..

  3. glad u treasure this moment... basic family building foundation ...

  4. Wow...the view from Kopungit hill is so breathtaking. Can burn some fat along the way up there some more.

    Spending time with our family is the best moment. Nothing compare!

    Happy Monday!

  5. wifey cannot join.. :D dukung pleaseeee.... 1st and lasttttt

  6. Hiya Kris and Nadia: :) thks for the kind comments. I wish you a happily blessed ever after family :D

    SJB: naa I'm not staying in Kipungit bah. Sis sana Taman Kepayan. But, Kipungit hill is always among the favorite to many KKers. Kalau hari - hari turun naik sena gerenti slim memanjang :)

    Anonymous : :D

    Mama Mia: Thks for the comments, and happy Monday too. Do you scale Kipungit hill too?

    me @ wifey: :)

  7. Nice photo shots! Thanks for sharing!

    Cutelah ur kids :)

  8. Hi IP: besalah kids.. they will alway be cute, mc juga komolohingan derang pun cute juga tawww :)

  9. nice photo shots...I always thinking into gardening tapi selaluuuuu tangguh-tangguh-tangguh na last last terbengkalai..miakakakaka...

    nice family...wish I can have my own someday.

  10. cute girls. love the micro shots.

  11. santik itu gambar yang last sekali val..memang best ni berbudi kepada tanah.Tanam veggie, dapat makan sayur fresh..alala..mesti ko tapau pg ofis ni nda dapat share makan sdh d pantry oo..sedihhhhh sa..

  12. Nice photos and i love it all. Spending ur time with ur family is the best thing tht ever happen to u without u realize it.

  13. AngelBear: God's willing, may your wish comes true :)

    Greg: Makasih.....:)

    Zoi: Aiseh jan sedih-sedih.. nanti ko di sana skijab ja ko lupa sudah kai tue bah kekeke.. I think it's a good leap for you to go there :)

    Cay: Makasih cay :)

  14. Always love reading you Val... I agree, quality time is best shared with loved ones. Lovely shots you have there.. keep it coming.. hehehe

    Kisses to kiddos.

  15. topinai, i tried the salted mackerel with shitake mushroom but man, my apartment smells like "ikan masin" from 3 days in row. had to burn scented candles non stopped since i can't open my windows to air out the place. it's winter, too cold plus we are in the middle of coldest temp of the season and in last 5 years. but man, topinai, it worth all the effort and all the smell in the apartment. it was so delicious especially with warm white rice and a dash of lime. thanks for the recipe. i will try the tuhau next time.

  16. DA bila ko breakfast makan nasi sama meehun goreng with ur ingat pula waktu sa budak2 dulu my dad masak mee kuning rebus sama sardin king cup ko pernah try kah ni??...makan sama nasi..sadap oh..itu pun rasanya kampung style masak tarajun.. ada jeruk bambangan lagi tu...hehehehe..

  17. hotgipan: Thanks and God bless you n family Mel :)

    Kadazan man: Topinai, I was having a LOLs!! reading ur comments. Too bad it was winter at best ^.^ haha. Wish you a great time there with family :)

    Sumunie: hohoho itu sarding king cup adalah sarding yang paling versatile :P sumua dia bleh masuk tu.. rabus sama mee kah, guring sama jantung pisang kah, tutan kah, maggie kah .. sumua dia masuk bah kan hehe.. sambal sardin pun sodaappp :)

  18. nice view from the Kopungit hill.

    beautiful kids too.

    tuhau tu.bikin sy t'liur.

    nothing beats traditional kadazan food.
    somehow, it is very comforting and brings a smile on everyones face

  19. wow!! nice shots there..
    Especially tu plants photos..segar mata nampak

  20. DA... great posting here

    people sometimes looks for bigger things in life, but what you have shown here is simple, very simple.. but like someone commented here... this moment IS a treasure..

    kounsikou tobpinai DA..

  21. Hi,i'm a newbie in your blog.Saw your catchy blog title, so since I'm Kadazan,decided to have a read of your interesting blog.You've got a great family there and you're such a loving husband!

  22. u live in taman kepayan?, im sure u know where is kampung matambai rite?. i live there before (waktu bujang bujang)but my parents still live there. anyway.

  23. Broken Satellite: it sure is! preserve and promote our culture!

    KadusMama: thank you for your comments ^.^

    Hombidai: Kounsikou kembali :)

    Cherish Tulips: naahh husband / wife / father / mother / brother /sister ... aren't they all supposed to be loving and caring? that's what family are for :)

    SJB: I think I know :)... erm bah bawa2 lah ko punya gaman uran gputih pulang kampung sekali sekala bah .. kasi test kita punya traditional delicacies :)


  24. your posting really inspiring, fof a moment or two I reflected my life and how I wish ... ..

    thanks for sharing :-)

  25. jasonjay: hurm.. what may the circumstance.. it's never too late :)

  26. yes i agree with, u spending time with family is the best quality time ever!

    Happy gardening :)

  27. :D i enjoy looking at ur pictures DA.. :) n lov ur story! :) xoxox

  28. mestilah....:)oh he love the henava. he ask me to make one hahahaha i told him never happen because 10 time my mom and my aunt teach me still don't know how. hehehe.

  29. nice photo shots...u live in kompungit?, i got lot relative there. anyway, nice pic..


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