Friday, January 2, 2009

What would you do?

If you are endowed with all God's power,
what would you change in your life now?


Somewhere in the evening of the 1st day of 2009, after crawling
from my bed to the bath room again and again
in a great agonising bad bad hang over,
I suddenly found peace.

I think He asnwered me.
I think He was annoyed with my ohh God... ohh God.... Ohh God....

The pain did not really gone away, but I heard a voice in my heart.

It says
"If I endowed you with all my power,
would you change anything in your life now?"

I thought for a moment,
maybe I would use the power to take away my pain,
to go back to yesterday and change things,
maybe I should change this and that...
this and that... and this and that.

After a long thought,
without hesitation I replied
"I wouldn't change a thing".

I don't think there is any necessity
to change anything in my life at the moment.

It's not perfect, it's far from half of my dream,
I'm struggling, I made many mistakes and etc..
but I feel blessed and that's matter most,
and I'm responsible for my life.

That simple realisation
has made this year extra special to me
Thank you Lord for that wisdom.

What about you my friend, would you change anything in your life?


  1. wow DA, tough question. Im thinking whatever i have now is God's precious gift :) so i guess i have nothing to change in my life. Definately i will wish for world's peace and health :)

  2. Bro, every time i look at the mirror, every time i tell myself, i want to change the person in the mirror.

    but i guess it's not that easy :(

  3. I understand bro, you want to change it with your keen humanly effort. That's hard but not impossible.

    Many would want to change it with a blink, which is pleasing to think about but impossible is.

  4. even if granted, i wouldn't changed anything. God made wonders and blessed life tremendously. the ups and downs made who I am to day. ^^ God bless you!!

  5. Elcynthia: Lovely, I'm glad to hear that from you :)


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