Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Australia, Yes Man & 7 Pounds, you don't wanna miss it!

I like to share some movies I've watched recently. I've watched plenty movies actually but I will only share movies which I think worth to watch.

Although I am a movie fan and I watched 6-10 movies in a week and sometime I watched 4 movies in row, there are just so many films and movies out there which 'a total out' for me.
Not my taste lah orang bilang :P.

Alright the movies I wanted to share here is not really the latest (everybody is writing about that), however if you haven't watched these, then it is highly recommended. Here goes:

1st - Australia

This movie features the era in 1940s when Australia was on the verge of joining WWII.
It was a time where cowboys still rules the land and business.

The movie is about life and struggles of a sudden widow who wishes to fulfill her late husband's dream. The story involves a close and strong bond between the widow and her 'new unprecedented hope' and her loyal employees which is mostly aborigine of Australia. Together they fought hard for the success of the running business which was consistently being bullied and jeopardize by their competitor. In many event resulted dishonest acts,
very unfortunate event and couple of murders.

In the struggles it also features the strong sentiment between the aborigines and the whites, the discrimination, unwanted assimilation and lots of misfortunes. The whole story was presented in a style of narrated story by one of the creamy character in the movie - a little boy of
mix blood of white and black (aborigine). The little fella has a very interesting unique character. Something you find only from aborigine anywhere in the world, and his smile is angelic.

The main storyline of unending bad plots and the impossible endurance which was at the end came to a happy ending in a very surprising and extraordinary circumstances and
almost magical, builds up the sense to a greater height every minutes.
You wouldn't want to pause :), I won't .

I think the movie is a success because it manage to instill strong message about love, passion, peace and humanity. Almost drop a tears at near end.

The movie was co-starred by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.
I give it 5 out of 5!

2nd - Yes Man

Yes Man is a light comedy.
The storyline was a bout a 'poor' life of a man (not materially poor but poor in social life, demotivated, negative, over concerns and etc.) although he has a job
and friends and best friend but his life was 'empty' due to his resentment towards many things in life and around him. In real life I have ever encounter some people similar,
so it's kinda real ^.^

However the man's poor life was experiencing a great positive changes after he become a 'Yes Man'. Yes man is a yes man, yes to everything, yes to any question popped out in his mine, yes to every request, yes to all. He fall into belief that when he acted yes to everything,
positive mantra is coming towards him. I almost believed it too ^.^

In his new life, he was happy and also is actually a confused man.
Being a yes man means he can't choose but just do, that was his understanding, which is in conflict with many. Chances are he's being manipulated by others and worst his new lover felt that their love was not genuine. He was a poor man, then a happy man but confused,
but at last he becomes rich in life.

This movie leads me to many questions - what would had happen if I have acted yes to many circumstance and event in my life before.

Quite interesting to ponder, but I never regretted my life anyway.

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5.

Movie starred by Jim Carrey, so expect to LOL! :P

3rd - 7 Pounds

Ohh man.., this movies is 10 times better than that Pursuit of Happiness.!

A little slow in the beginning and I really can't see what's coming, but from middle towards the end it started to make sense. The movie features a good man (living above the average) who are giving a lots I mean LOTS of love to others who are in need, including strangers. At the end he gave his biggest possession to a stranger whom he dearly love.

He was actually a different person but there was a very unfortunate event which has been haunting his mind badly. Unable to bear it further, he made a strong decision which bring priceless happiness to others and at the same time a great sadness to some.

The movie instills deep sense of appreciation to life.
Life is so fragile and many waste in a mere negligence.

More details will definitely a bad spoiler. I highly encouraged to watch it, and prepare some tissues with you :)

Starred by Will Smith.


Go watch it pple. Cheers!



  1. Will smith...hmm..must be good! Thanks for the info.

  2. sya suka tu Australia! memang best!

  3. Watched Australia.At first i thought it would be a serious movie with lots of talking but it was actually quite comedy-like for certain parts!

  4. wah punya banyak movie tu bro.

    bagus juga ada review ni, jadi inda la payah tinguk wayang yg inda best.

    thanks for sharing bro. :D

  5. Appreciate your comments fellow, and certainly agree with Gregchai! :D

  6. thanks for sharing, i havent watched all these movies too.... need to catch up :)

  7. appreciate the notes. lama dah tak tengok movies, thanx for sharing. Great Info

  8. I've only watched Yesman out of your was great from the beginning to the middle part but getting a bit draggy for me towards the end..recommended to those who wants a bit of positivity in their hectic world and an experience 'detour'..

  9. hi celes, thks for ur keen comments :)

  10. I watched 7 pounds ..quiet boring and i don't like the ending hihihii ..but okay movie lah if u are a big fan for will smith

  11. hi cay, hehe I guess 'heavy narrative' movie is not your thing bah :) neway, thks for comments :)

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